Summer Film at BAA

Becoming a Filmmaker!

July 10-21, 2017

The Summer at BAA Film Program is now FULL. Please apply to our wait-list as spots may open. Click here to apply!

“Our kids attended the intensive two-week program and enjoyed every minute of it.” – Summer at BAA Parent

Summer Film at BAA offers an immersive exploratory experience for students ages 12-18, that takes them through the entire filmmaking process. The goal of this program is to enlighten, enhance, inform, communicate, entertain and celebrate our cultures through film. Now in it’s second year, Artistic Director John ADEkoje’s program emphasizes the whole student: creativity, technique, mindfulness, and curiosity. Over the course of two weeks, each student creates their own film by designing, shooting and editing their personal artistic work. All projects will be shown at a film festival at Boston Arts Academy.

Photo by Adriane Brayton

Students will be involved in the entire filmmaking process, from pre-production planning, through script writing, production, and post-production. In an individualized learning environment of 12 students, they will learn the basics of location scouting, screenwriting, lighting, sound, camera work, budget development and management, and editing. Filmmaking is a highly collaborative art form that builds interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Artistic Director John ADEkoje in collaboration with the Center for Arts in Education, has developed a program that emphasizes students’ development as creators of content.

Photo by Adriane Brayton

Class activities consist of lectures through discussion, screenings, and independent, group, and partner work. At the end of the program, students will be on their way to becoming well-rounded filmmakers who are ready to create work that is personal, artistic and meaningful.

Photo by Adriane Brayton

No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Please click here for application instructions.  

Parent/Student Reactions:

“The program was both nurturing and challenging.” – Summer at BAA Student

“Loved the easy online application form. Summer at BAA staff were very helpful, competent and friendly.” – Summer at BAA Parent

“The program was very interesting, educational but fun. I got a lot out of the program.”  – Summer at BAA Student



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