Summer STEAM at BAA

Future Worlds In Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

July 5-14, 2017

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“In most summer programs, I have found that adults don’t really pay attention to you because they know you will be gone in a week.  But at BAA, I felt really cared for to be the best I could be.” – Summer at BAA Student

Now in it’s STEAM Roversecond year, The Summer at BAA STEAM Program offers a cross-disciplinary experience for students ages 12-18, where students can investigate, create, and prototype a future world. Led by Boston Arts Academy’s STEAM Lab Director Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, the unique and multifaceted program provides a dedicated space for hands-on projects — coding, 3D printing, laser cutting, computer-aided design and wearable technology — as part of an 8-day STEAM workshop. No experience is necessary and all students will participate in a final showcase of their work, presented at Boston Arts Academy.

Future Worlds focuses on the technical aspects, as well as expressive artistic qualities of computer technology.  Student participants will experience training in design, fabrication and wearable media such as the use of small computers called microcontrollers, sensors and conductive paint and have the opportunity to explore the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the untested.tumblr_inline_oa1y4mw1xg1tsbiyu_1280

The theme Future Worlds is inspired by the Voyager Golden Records that were sent into space in 1977 and the work of pioneering design scientist, Buckminster Fuller. The goal is to empower participants to shape the world around them now and create a better future through experiential learning, creative expression, and collaboration. Participants will choose an aspiration for the future, and investigate it through a creative act such as writing a story, conceiving an idea, or taking an action. These intentions will be prototyped using a 3D printer, laser cutter, or micro-computer in an effort to create a tangible artifact. Creative expressions, and prototypes will be placed in multiple time capsules.

STEAM Lab Director Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, sabaa10in collaboration with the Center for Arts in Education, has developed a program focused on fostering a climate of collaboration, creativity and discovery. Located just one-minute from Storrow Drive (next to Fenway Park) and convenient from both bus and T stops, this affordable program offers the highest caliber of instruction at Boston’s only public arts high school.

Parent/Student Reactions:

“My student had a transformative experience working in a small group being challenged intellectually and socially.” – Summer at BAA Parent

“My student only had positive feedback each day and Summer at BAA staff were very helpful throughout the entire process.” – Summer at BAA Parent

“It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot throughout the process. It has helped me develop in the STEAM areas.” – Summer at BAA Student

“This program kept my son engaged throughout the whole week. He learned a lot while using his hands and creative ideas.” – Summer at BAA Parent

“Thank you for offering these affordable and exciting programs.” – Summer at BAA Parent

STEAM Photo 3.pngAll levels are welcome, please click here for application instructions.