About The STEAM Lab

About The Boston Arts Academy STEAM Lab

STEAM at BAA helps students learn in new and productive ways, empowers them to think of what is possible, and encourages them to explore 21st Century career pathways that they may have not considered before. The STEAM Lab is helping teachers and students delve into 3D modeling and design, electronics, digital media, and fabrication such as 3D printing and laser cutting.  Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, the STEAM Lab Director, works with BAA academic and arts faculty and students in the Lab to explore multimodal ways of learning and collaborating. The Lab also provides inclusion of culturally, socially and technologically diverse communities. She is dedicated to helping teachers and students enhance what takes place in their classrooms. Activities culminate in cutting edge interdisciplinary units and projects.

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In both the classroom and the STEAM Lab, the process is as important as the product for our students. STEAM enables students to experience the parallels of the artistic, scientific, and design processes and thinking. They hone the skills required to bring an idea to fruition.  And both the classroom and the STEAM Lab lead students to engage in subjects that they may not have been excited about or did not consider to be one of their strengths. Today, technology is universally embedded in the lives of millennials and their interests.  STEAM is fast becoming a part of the hook for students at BAA and is opening up their eyes to exciting career pathways for the future.

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