The STEAM lab is a place to play, think, create across disciplinary boundaries while keeping art central to learning; a lab with tools and materials and people for experimenting with STEAM ideas and practices; and, a space to model emerging STEAM inspired curriculum and teaching for outreach to the larger educational community.

STEAM Image 2Summer STEAM at BAA students will have access to customized desktop 3D printers to print objects that bring their imaginations to life. Students will learn how to use conductive materials such as paint, tape and wire, thread, fabric, and even graphite.

The physical space of the STEAM Lab STEAM Image 1supports collaboration, group interaction, and independent study. Desks and chairs are mobile, able to be easily moved around and arranged in a variety of forms, for different purposes.

There is a 6-seat collaboration station that includes a Smart TV, projection, and speakers. In addition to using laptops to create 3D models and designs, students can use several iPads over WiFi to work together on virtual murals that can be projected onto buildings.

STEAM Image 3
3D Printers in The STEAM Lab